page updated on June 06, 2016

A Startup Must Measure, Experiment, and Tune

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If you're not gathering actionable data from thoughtful experiments and iterating on that data weekly—even daily—your startup is at risk. You have to be smart. You have to be nimble. You have to listen to what your customers say and you have to measure what they do.

You can't afford anything other than this level of careful discipline.

While many of the examples in the book lean heavily on web startups, the principles apply across industries. As Ries mentions more than once, even established businesses can treat new divisions and initiatives as startups. (Your editor has worked for companies which have struggled to stay in business from not taking this advice.)

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries

ISBN: 9780307887894

If a startup is a machine for discovering scalable and sustainable business plans, Eric Ries's book is a guide to the care and feeding of that machine.

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